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Nativity of Mary Adult Boot Class


The Nativity of Mary Adult Boot Camp class is for all Nativity of Mary parents and their close friends and family members. This class is designed specifically to bring our community together in a healthy and supportive way.  


Participants will meet two times a week at the Nativity of Mary gym.  Each week will have new and challenging workouts that are adapted to all fitness levels.  6Point will provide equipment for some workouts but participants are expected to bring their own equipment to class.  All participants must provide their own yoga mats.  

             *New participants will receive fitness equipment at their first class to own and use week to week.  



For each session, 6POINT will hold a fun exercise challenge that participants can choose to do.  At the end of each session, the winner of the challenge will win a fun prize and receive a FREE 45-minute personal training session with Lisa.  

Classes will be held every Wednesday and Friday during the school year.  The doors will open at 6:30 am and class will start promptly at 6:40, and end at 7:25. The first class will be on Wednesday, September 7th.  Each session will be three months long and the cost is prorated if there is a day class is not offered due to school not being in session.


This class is for Nativity of Mary Parents and their close friends and family members.  

For each session, the class needs a minimum of 15 people and a max of 25.    


Here are the cost and dates for each session.  


Please note: New participants, when registering for the class, please select NOM Adult Boot Camp $209- this will ensure you get your equipment.


Past participants, when registering for the class, please select NOM Adult Boot Camp $144

To register for session 3, SIGN UP HERE!  This will take you to the Pricing page, scroll to the bottom and click on NOM Adult Boot Camp 

Session 3:

Length of session: 24 classes from Wednesday March 1st to Wednesday, May 31st

Class will not be held on: April 5th, April 7th, and April 28th

Cost for past participants: $144- $6 per class

Cost for new participants: $209 (this includes a 1-time cost for equipment purchase)

Registration will open on Monday, January 30th and close on February 20th

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