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6Point Athletes is all about the connection between a strong body and a strong mind to make a well-rounded athlete.  Knowledge builds strength and empowerment in an athlete and that is why I think it is so important to keep educating our athletes and parents on all aspects of what it takes to be a well-rounded athlete. 


Below are interviews that I have conducted that address various topics like: adjusting to college life as an athlete, nutrition, and mental health awareness.  I

Adam Johnson, Assistant Director and Head Coach of the 2024 graduating class, team for Frog Lacrosse MN, discusses what it is like to go from being a high school athlete to a college athlete.  


Adam gives excellent advice and insight on what it is like to be a high school athlete, having college scouts come watch you play, picking the right college for you, and the balance between playing your sport and being a full-time college student

Registered Dietitian, Ellie Schmidt, talks about proper nutrition and hydration for athletes. She also discusses overall healthy eating no matter where you are in your sport's season.

If you would like to find out more information on nutrition and schedule a consultation with Ellie, go to:

Dr. Adam Gallenberg talks about what Premier Sport Psychology is and what services they offer to all athletes around the United States.


Dr. Galleberg also discusses how COVID-19 has impacted youth athletes. He talks about signs to look for if they are having trouble coping with how COVID-19 has affected them, and gives great advice on what steps parents, teachers and coaches can take to help them.


This interview has a great message about accepting feelings and how the mind and body have such a strong and powerful connection with one another.


To learn more about Premier Sport Psychology and to schedule an appointment with Dr. Gallenberg, go to:

You can also go to Premier Sport Psychology's main website at:

Professor Jeremy Anderson, owner of World Jiu Jitsu Academy in Eden Prairie MN, goes over what Jiu Jitsu is and how it differs from other martial arts.  He discusses how Jiu Jitsu builds self confidence, how it is a good compliment to other sports, and why and how to join the academy.

To find out more information about World Jiu Jitsu Academy, go to:

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