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6Point Athletes works with middle and high school students and adults to answer their questions about nutrition and teach them the basics on obtaining and maintaining healthy eating habits.   6Point offers a number of different nutrition coaching options.  The most popular is 6Point's three-month nutrition program that includes the following:

1. Goal setting and planning- we will identify the specific goal you have and come up with a realistic timeline to help achieve this goal.

2. Assist you in weight loss and weight maintenance  

3. Learn about macronutrients and how your body uses them

4. Teach you how to read food labels and make the right choice on what food products to buy 

5. Teach you how to properly fuel your body with food for before, during, and after a workout session, sports practice or game.


6. Education on how to properly fuel your body with food to feel good and energized throughout the day.


7. Give you ideas on what foods to pair together for a healthy, nutritious meal or snack

8. Weekly phone calls or ZOOM check-ins to support and guide you with whatever question or problem you may have and to set up mini goals to accomplish each week

9. Healthy recipe ideas for meal planning


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*If you would like to pair this nutrition program with personal training, you may do so with any personal training packages that are 8 sessions or more.  Please add $200 to the cost of the personal training package you choose, and you will get both the personal training package and the nutrition program at that price.  It's a great deal!  Please contact 6Point Athletes directly via the email listed below to make this purchase.  

To learn more about other nutrition coaching options, please contact Lisa directly at: