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Personal Training

6Point Athletes offers single and package personal training sessions for middle and high school athletes looking to become stronger and faster for their sport(s), for students looking to get in shape and learn the basics about fitness, and for adults who want to accomplish any physical goal they have.  

Training packages include weekly, customized workouts individuals can do on their own outside of their training sessions to help them achieve their athletic and fitness goals.  



Customized Training Sessions


Beginner Training:  Beginner training sessions are for middle and high school students who may not be in a sport or are not in competitive sports and want to learn the basics about working out, proper form, and how to progress in their physical training.  This is a great way for students to learn how to get active, gain self-confidence, and develop healthy habits for staying active throughout their lives.  


Athletic training:  Athletic training sessions will prepare middle and high school athletes for their upcoming sports season and keep the athlete in shape during the off-season.  6Point will assess the athlete's form and performance to identify any areas needing to be addressed to help the athlete progress in his/her training, and to help reduce the risk of a sports related injury. 


During the athlete's sports season, athletic training sessions will help keep him/her in top-shape to stay competitive, become stronger, and to make sure the athlete doesn't overtrain.  


Athletic training sessions are also great for individuals who may no longer be in a sport but want to maintain his/her athletic fitness lifestyle.  

Adult Training: Training sessions for adults are geared to meet each individual at whatever level they may be.  We will identify the fitness goal(s) you are looking to accomplish, come up with a realistic training plan that will work with your schedule, and learn about how to maintain a strong and healthy lifestyle. 

30-minute, 45-minute and hour-long sessions are available to choose from. 

Go to Pricing and Session Sign Up to find a package that will work for you. 


Location of training

FITSPACE in St. Louis Park, MN or train virtually in the comfort of your own home 



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